A2 Arts : About Us

Views of the A2 road as it
enters South East London

Artists associated with A2 Arts projects :

Jenny Bates, Caspar Below, Simon Betts, Melanie Clifford, Elizabeth Coulter-Smith, Nina Danino, Mickey Dell, Xulia Duran-Rodriguez, Errol Francis, Rob Grant, Susie Hinchliffe, Julian Konczak, Steve Lewis, Laurence Noga, Alma Tischler

Olaf Auer, Ulrich Diekmann, Georg Hüter, Joachim Raab, Peter Repp, Herbert Walmuth, Albrecht Wild, Susanne Wild

Bénédicte Henderick, Chantal Maes, Christian Meynen

Valéry Grancher, Armand Lestard

Fabiola Faidiga, Gianluca Ferrari, Damiano Paroni, Giorgio Tentolini

Els van der Graaf, Rody Luton, Nikolaus Urban, Joost van Santen

Chia-En Jao

Fung Lin Hall, Tadzio Koelb, Mac McKean, Scott Melen, Jurgen Trautwein

P.R. van Pottelberg

Silvia Scaravaggi

A2 Arts is an independent group of contemporary visual artists, named after the main A2 road in South East London, along which we all live, work and travel.

The group was set up in 1996 and first showed together as part of the Whitechapel Open Studios. From the outset, having a presence on the internet was an integral part of the identity of A2 and resulted in contact with individual artists and similar groups in other countries. Some of these contacts resulted in exchange exhibitions, the promotion and continuance of which has become one of our main aims.

Exhibition opportunities are important to us all. Creating work, especially for new spaces and in response to new environments and people, is something we all would like to engage in further.

From difficult and challenging site-specific installations to 'white space' galleries, A2 members have an extensive experience of assembling exhibitions in all types of venues. We are happy to collaborate with curators who are looking for a creative partner in their projects.

Most of the artists in the group have their studios at the Art in Perpetuity trust in Deptford, S.E. London. For the return visits in our exchange program we have access to the large gallery space, attached to the studios, on a for - hire basis. Details can be found under 'APT Gallery' on our homepage.

Please contact us via the e-mail address below if you are an artist group with access to a showing space and are interested in taking part in exchange programmes, or are a gallery interested in showing any of our members work.

A2 Arts are currently looking for sponsorship for a range of projects and exhibitions. If you would like to help to promote the artists then do get in touch. Further details can be found in our Sponsors Lounge - accessible from the A2 Homepage.

Paul Malone : pmalone@a2arts.co.uk