A2 Arts : Artists Information
This page is to help in submitting info for inclusion on the website. It includes things like preferred file formats, sizes and properties.

Print this out in Landscape

You can now e-mail me all your stuff except any file over 10 megs (i.e.movies, PDFs) which you can FTP. There is a good free FTP facility at Sendspace ( http://www.sendspace.com/ ) if you do not have one of your own.

You should now send all your stuff in as a 'Project', and all the files should be sent as attaches in a unique e-mail, with the title of the Project in the 'Subject' box. Each Project will refer to a single artwork, exhibition, etc. and this will go on a single webpage with its own thumbnail on your homepage. If you have more than one Project each must go in a separate e-mail.

This should include :