Liz Harrison : Home

'Home' 2001

Sequential slide projection.
300 x 500 cm.
'Fair Charm and Foul Play',
'Deptford X' Festival.


The projection runs from 2 carousels. one projecting images, the second projecting text. The two are connected and function through a fade-in machine. The image fades into the text and vice-versa.

The projection forms the image of a block of flats, the emphasis being on the anonymity and repetition of the individual units. The images are intensified by being projected onto existing features within the present building, utilising a building within a building.

Text is amalgamated into the projection on another layer. The writing bears no relationship to the images that the viewer is observing, but is a personal memory of a period spent within a cottage that was sited in an isolated rural location. There is a dialogue between the exterior and interior, and the imagination needs to make them meet.

The images projected have been taken from local blocks of flats, which have now been demolished.