Chris Marshall : Webcatchers
'Webcatchers' 2009

Dimensions: Height 6000mm
Materials: Stainless steel
Location: Conington Road, Lewisham, London.

The images show stage one of the installation. Two additional sculptures will be added at a later stage to complete the landscape installation

A site specific public sculpture installation commissioned by St James Homes and permanently sited at the 'Silkworks' housing development, Lewisham.

The sculptures are located on the site of the Old Silk Mill where silk was originally spun. In later years the mill was used for producing gold and silver threads, for military uniforms and Christmas tinsel. This history informed the design of the sculptures.

The "loop" shape was evolved from an old Yorkshire tradition where children gathered cobwebs using privet hedge twigs formed into a natural loop.

Details below (looking East, looking West):

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