Chris Marshall : The Source
The Source

Timber, flowers, illuminated photograph, printed fabric banner of cave in Dorset.

900 x 400 cms

This installation was inspired by an exhibition seen at the Musee d'Orsay, Paris. This brought together a small collection of paintings by Gustave Courbet on the theme of 'The Source' with the infamous painting 'Origin du Monde' (Origin of the World), providing the focus for the collection. The paintings are of dark cavernous spaces showing sources of rivers and their juxtaposition with the vagina as the source of life. These entrances, openings are full of sexuality, but carry a foreboding, a return,to our origins. Sex and death united. The installation is also influenced by the form and identity of the grave, and especially war cemetries. Repetition, geometry, void, the forbidding, influence and inform the structure of the work. Here lies the sensation and impact of overwhelming death.