Chris Marshall : Well

'Aqua Vita et Mors'
Installation at Associazione Idea Vita, Vespolate, Italy, 2003
Print on Aluminium, glass petri dishes. Floor based.
75cm x 75cm x 6cm

A photograph of the corner of the human eye. Positioned and enlarged so as to suggest a well or spring.A source for tears. Tears represent the outpouring of emotions, and reveal the extremes of emotional states: joy and sorrow. The word 'well' has a duality:

Noun : Well, spring, fountain,source. The well provided a constant supply of cool,clear water. Verb : Well up or out or forth: flow, spring, surge, rise, stream, trickle, brim over, swell,start,gush, spurt, jet, spout, ooze, seep,leak; tears welled up in the child's eyes when she saw the broken doll.