Rody Luton

'Time and Time Again'.
(Video stills, 2008, work in progress)

Nature never stops, it runs in cycles, always transient, always recurring. Nature, earth and boundaries are central themes in my work, which is often inspired by different natural forms and structures. Time and time again consist of a series of video stills, taking the borders between the sea, the land and human interventions as its starting point. It is a work in progress for an on-going project on Nature/Culture. The sequence of images freezes the never-ceasing movement of the sea, as a photographic memory of the natural cycle of time.

Rody Luton is a British/New Zealand visual artist, based in Amsterdam, where her studio has been located since 1985. Her work - abstract paintings, mixed media, paper and still image - has been exhibited in England, New Zealand, Poland, France, Italy, Hungary, Sweden and The Netherlands. She has been trained at Bath Academy of Art and L'Ecole National d'Art Decoratif, Aubusson, France, and has a degree in Anthropology from the University of Sussex.

March 2008

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