A2 Arts : TV Channel
A2 Arts TV is the TV Channel for the Group and separate streams for each artist's movie content
The Channel is divided into tabbed content streams -
'A2 Arts' and then each artist by name.
Choose the tab, then Play the intro movie to start each stream.
Scroll the orange slider down to access more movies
Welcome to A2 Arts TV; Setting up and exhibition of 'Objects/Rooms' in Parma, Italy. September 2007; Art; italy; London; Parma; exhibition; gallery; private view; The setting up and vernissage of the exhibition 'Primavera WG' in Amsterdam. April 2007 09.38 : cPaul Malone 2007; Art; London; art film; artists; encounters; gallery; private view; A space crew genetically engineered with bovine DNA visit the surface of the Sun. 09.27 : cPaul Malone 2006; Art; art film; bicameral; cosmology; electric; plasma; solar; sun; Choreographic hydrocarbon interplay 03.34 : cPaul Malone 2007; art film; hydrocarbons; night-time; Viewfinder private view April 2006. Exhibition of 3D photographs by Paul Malone. 00.43 cPaul Malone 2006; Greenwich; Viewfinder; gallery; photography; Slow motion of seaweed and acoustic gulls. 00.46 : cPaul Malone 2007; Art; seagulls; seaweed; Movies and documentaries from London based A2 Arts TV. Movies, artist interviews, exhibition set-up, private views, studio and gallery visits. http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid452320040http://www.brightcove.com/channel.jsp?channel=353690990