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Olaf Auer


23.5 x 31.5 cms

1997 - 8

Gold, Eisen, Pigmente, Bindemittel auf Sperrholz


About the Artworks

Despite the present achievements of experimental research, the world of metals remains full of secrets. From the universe, there comes a continous stream of light, identified by spectral analysis as metal light of very different types, which reaches the earth. For example, the sunlight contains traces of iron, gold and most of the other known metals; therefore, you could see our daylight as being metal in form of light.

The whole of our Planet is veined with partly solid metal shapes in typical outlines; Paracelsus speaks about a 'metaltree' in the power-body of the Earth. Metal effects give live to the inner organ cosmos of plants, animals and man: without Magnesium plants couldn't form Chlorophyll, without Copper, the lower forms of animal can't breathe, without Iron, Man and the higher forms of life would not exist.

Metal effects by Man reaches over the vital sphere into the sphere of consciousness, touching the mental process and the spirit. There is a longstanding relationship between Man and Metal going back to prehistoric times, where knowledge of how to work metals provided Man with a position of physical power and in addition developed his cultural position in society. Specific Metals such as Bronze even gave their names to whole epochs, as well as providing tools and ritualistic utensils. In my paintings I continue this long established dialogue with Metal.

Olaf Auer - 1998 / Tengen-Wiechs.Olaf Aeur website

Thanks for help with translation to Paul Malone


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