Perpetuum Mobile is an international exhibition
    curated by Paul Malone, Nicola Rae and Mickey Dell.

Location : Art in Perpetuity Gallery, 6 Creekside, London SE8 4SA
Dates and times : Thursday 8th to 25th May 2008. Thursday to Sunday 12 noon to 5 pm
Saturday 24th May : Education day (see PDF here) followed by talk (see PDF) and Finissage 6 - 7 pm

The artists images below link through to their websites

Gianluca Ferrari (Italy)

Paul Malone (UK)

Nicola Rae (UK)

Joachim Raab (Germany)
Concept : To the casual observer the world appears in a constant state of perpetual motion organising itself into structures of increasing complexity. In this exhibition, sixteen artists from six countries have been asked to re-interpret this phenomenon in terms of their own creative practice.

From the philosophical to the humorous and the sublime to the absurd, the artworks present an interpretive response to the issues of cyclicity, entropy and what the ancient Greeks used to call hyparxis, or 'ableness to be'.

What is it that sustains inner creative momentum? How do we generate narratives within existential recurrence? How does Nature regenerate? Need human conflict be an inevitable result of historical precedent? Can modelling accurately emulate the real world? These are just some of the questions that exercise the ingenuity of the participating artists in Perpetuum Mobile.

Rody Luton (Netherlands)

Chia-En Jao (Taiwan)

Simon Betts (UK)

Nikolaus Urban (Netherlands)
The Exhibition is part of a 10 year series of international exchange exhibitions by the independent artist group - A2 Arts. Contemporary artists from six countries will be taking part, ranging from recent graduates to those with an extensive exhibiting history, yet little known in the UK.

APT Gallery is a former engineering works on Deptford Creek and for this exhibition will be split between the front area, which will be naturally lit, and a darkened space to the rear for projections and light installations. During the exhibition there will be a series of lectures, seminars and associated education events.

Fabiola Faidiga (Italy)

Mickey Dell (UK)

Xulia Duran-Rodriguez (UK)

Giorgio Tentolini (Italy)
Participate : If you would like to sponsor this exhibition please visit our sponsor's resources area in the link at the top of this page. If you are involved in education and would like to arrange a visit for your students please e-mail the curators to discuss arrangements. We intend to arrange a series of talks / seminars about the exhibits during the course of this exhibition.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Private View on the 9th May and meet with the artists.

Els van der Graaf (Netherlands)

Laurence Noga (UK)

Damiano Paroni (Italy)

Andy Parsons (Republic of Ireland)

This exhibition is originated and funded by the artists themselves with grateful assistance from :

A2 Arts (UK)

Atelier WG (Netherlands)

Exhibition Now (Italy)

Art in Perpetuity Trust (UK)
Charity No. 1045363