London - Brussels Exchange : Mickey Dell
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Terre à Terre
Mickey Dell

'Drought II' : Mickey Dell
91 x 130 cms : Emulsion print on canvas


I return again and again to desert places. To places where peoples lives are governed by their landscape and it in turn is determined by its weather pattern. There I try to read the alien messages left by movements made by invisible forces. Look at the night journey of a passing beetle, a disappearing river bed, a ribbon of tracks left silently over a night dune. Find the piles of stones signposting an imperceptible path. Walk the flatness that holds illusions of other places. Feel the harshness as hard as steel but soft like sand. A place where shade is luxury. I take photographs to try to keep it all.

Returning home with my photographs I make my work. Terre à Terre gives me the opportunity to focus and read through the messages brought back in my camera. Now I leave messages in my language to convey what I have seen.

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