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Terre à Terre
Paul Malone

Maison de l' Art Actuel : Rear gallery

' Mars Lander Ensemble ' : Installation of painted plywood and stereo images of the Martian surface. Opposite : Stereo red and blue glasses ready for viewing

Terre terre, place to place, earth to earth.

The idea of placing a footprint on another planet is nowadays an event of little remark. To our eyes it is a star that shines among the constellations, but within that point of light exists a whole world. Landscapes that are both commonplace and yet infinitely strange. The intellect struggles to put these places into familiar contexts and ascribe emotions that relate in some way to our past experiences - a desert, a beach maybe or a deserted quarry. But that frost is dry ice and the sky is pink.

The Earth takes on a new resonance. The sky is a half of all landscapes, even in the city. Its blueness - a function of its chemical composition. Cloud waves and electrical phenomena pursue the vast spaces.

Terre terre : how they look to us, how we look to them.

'Barnacle Bill' : Image of a rock from the Martian surface by the Mars Sojourner rover vehicle. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena)


Paul Malone : Maison de l' Art Actuel : Front gallery


'Light Ballistic Ensemble' : perspex, spirit dye, lead and fixtures


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