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Liz Harrison

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Chris Marshall

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*Please note : As of 2010, this A2 Arts website is now closed and exists in archive form only. Please refer to the individual artists for updates of their work. Links and codes contained in this site may become invalid over time.

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Selected Project Micro-sites :

C4CC London 2010

'Perpetuum Mobile' May 2008
APT Gallery, London

'Objects / Rooms' 9-2007
Ground's Art, Parma

'Primavera WG' Amsterdam
Punt Gallery, April 2007

'Primavera'. London 2006
Italian, NL + UK artists

'Terra Incognita'. 2006
Amsterdam Manifestation

'Ephemeral Cities'. 2005
NetArt Open 'Deptford X'

'Synaptic Moment'. 2004
Anaglyphs+binaural sound

'Terre à Terre'. 2000
Brussels exchange

'4Frankfurt Painters' 1999
Frankfurt exchange